How Would You Like To Get Targeted Leads From Facebook, LinkedIn And Google Easily Without Using Paid Ads?

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How Would You Like To Get Targeted Leads From Facebook, LinkedIn And Google Easily Without Using Paid Ads?

Get the ultimate 3 for one price solution to easily scrape leads from Facebook, Linkedin and Google

Do you know in 2013, Facebook organic reach was 35%, and later dropped to 10%  in 2015, and from 2016 till date, it has remained at 2.5% to make this a 75% decrease in organic reach. This means, only 2.5% of your engaging followers  will see your organic post within the duration of at least 24 hrs from when it was posted. Sad right? Yeah, we know. You can imagine the limitation faced getting your brand exposed to friends and customers organically. Before you shift the blames to Mc Zuckerberg, please note that, the more people embrace these wonderful social platforms, the more your audience’s Newsfeed will remain a battle field for brand competition. So this is not just about Facebook, but a norm for every trending social network.

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Have you ever thought of reaching out to a certain category of business professionals on Linkedin or tried to get the contact details of business owners & decision makers in different categories of businesses within a specific location? I’m sure you know, getting all of these will take rigorous code calling or one-to-one  DM’ marketing to get your request accepted . If these challenges sound like what you wish to crack, don’t  search the net any further because we got you covered.GET ALL NOW

Facebook Extractor (Valued at $89 Yearly) for a life time fee

Extract all contacts linked to the generation of your Facebook friends list. Maximize your friends list and friends of friend’s list by extracting all contacts (Name, email and numbers) for bulk mailing. Imagine you have 200 friends, with Facebook extractor you can get all 200 contact leads of your friends list. If each friend has at least 200 friends, you can extract the leads of all friends of that friend & make each of their friends and your friends a contact lead, which makes your extraction almost endless. This means, with each member of your friend list, you can get all their friends contacts too. You can also get contacts of members of an open Facebook group you belong to.

In addition, it automatically exports contact list to an excel file

Linkedin Extractor (Valued at $79 Yearly) for a life time fee

Unarguably, Linkedin has one of the highest number of users with their professional status constantly being updated. With the Linkedin extractor, users can extract email contacts of specific professionals in a targeted location across the world.  For example; All doctors in Yaba, lagos, Nigeria. And the export contacts  for email marketing

Google Map Extractor (Valued at $129 Yearly) for a life time fee

Do you know millions of companies register their businesses daily with Google My Business to maximize local SEO? If your business is not on the list, I hope you know you’re loosing a lot. That being said, do you know that the contact details in their profile are mostly contacts of decision makers, CEO’s and Heads of customer service units of most companies registered on Google My Business? 

The google map extractor extracts contacts using keywords, profession and location. This means users can extract all the Realtors or doctors in a specific location

Bonus Offer: kutools For Excel Unlimited use

Kutools – Combines More Than 300 Advanced Functions And Tools For Microsoft Excel
Kutools for Excel is a handy Excel add-in with more than 300 advanced features to simplify various kinds of complicated tasks into a few clicks in Excel. For example, Excel users can easily combine worksheets with several clicks, merge cells without losing data, paste to only visible cells, and so on. Undoubtedly, this powerful and user-friendly add-in will save Excel users a mass of working time and greatly improve working efficiency.


We are offering to all our customers this beautiful, paid tool with unlimited use, unlimited PC and unlimited number of years, click and install, to help organize their contact data base. It is Valued at $49 per year

Extract contacts for businesses



Best Cloud Software To Send Bulk SMS

Send SMS With POB Talk

Use Bulk Whatsapp Sender

Best Cloud Tools To Send Bulk Emails To Your List >>

There are more than 100s of reliable email marketing, cloud based softwares to use in disseminating information to your contact list but we recommend that you use Omnisend for a start because of the amazing contact segmentation. You can start with a free trial

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