How to boost your business with digital marketing

How to use digital marketing to boost your business for business purpose in Nigeria
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How to boost your business with digital marketing

Every marketer needs to understand how to build and manage a healthy brand in digital marketing to promote their products and services using various forms of digital marketing.

In the modern world of today, the Internet has opened vast opportunities for businesses. We use our computers, tablets, mobile phones, to access the internet for all kinds of reasons.

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If you’ve always loved to get started in digital marketing or consider building a digital marketing career, this is the article for you.


Interestingly, when we mention digital marketing, people only think of social media management, website design, google analytics, and more but digital marketing is more than what you think and has existed longer than 100 years.

Digital Marketing

As the name implies, Digital Marketing is a promotion that is planned or dispersed through digital applications. 


 We can categorize digital marketing into two: Offline Marketing and Online Marketing 

a. Offline Marketing: Offline marketing can also be divided into conventional media placements, prints, and mobile marketing.

b. Online Marketing: Online advertising has such a lot of similarities to ordinary retail promoting however this is done on the web and can be more successful as compared with some other marketing because we can observe outcomes here, re-targeting and measurable.

In this article, we will be centered more around the ‘Online Marketing’ 

Understanding this listed essential standard of digital marketing will drive you to success. Before we proceed, you’ll need to know what a sales funnel is. 

  • What is a sales funnel?

sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to a buying process through sequential messages that lead customers to a sale. The definition also refers to the process through which a company finds leads, qualifies them, and sells its products to its potential audiences. To further simplify our explanation, let’s look at the essentials of a sales funnel.

To further understand the essentials to “a Sales Funnel”, let’s dive a little deeper into what a sales funnel is.

Sales funnel is the process you take your prospect (a potential customer) through to finally becoming a loyal client. It is a visual representation of the stages from your prospect’s first contact with your brand to finally closing a deal or purchasing a product or service.

 By using the concept of the sales funnel, you would have a lot of audiences at the initial stage of your funnel but subsequently, as you go through the stages of your funnel, your audience will reduce to the most qualified leads that will eventually convert to become a loyal customer.


A – I – D – A

The AIDA model is an acronym for;

Sales funnel

– Awareness

– Interest

– Desire

– Action


We associate this with building your brand, building your personality, and using tools like social media to get your audience to know you. 

This is usually your traffic source, it can be online ads, search engine optimization, Tv ads or other convention media ads strategy. Here, you will need to be creative enough to create attractive ad copies that evoke emotions, humor or fear in order to ensure that your audience stays attracted to your content.


Having an extraordinary content method to get your audience keen on your brand, products, and services.

Here, you’ll need to summarize those major reasons why your audience should need your products or services. This can be a realistic or obvious problem they experience at the moment, or you can  state what they are doing wrong to fix their challenges. 

Another way is to state an undiluted fact about their current situation to provoke fear or build their interest to need your products or services. 

Use storylines to create scenarios, present your brand in the best way possible to suit the perspective of your audience.


This means creating a personal and emotional connection with your audience, in layperson’s terms, it means moving the person from loving what you give to needing it. 

Here you’ll need to tell them how you intend to solve their worries using your content or products. Try not to mention your products but their helpful features. You may build customer’s trust with your statements.

For Example: See reference online with Coca-Cola example “share the fun”

Coca Cola share the fun campaign
Source: Broadway at the beach


This is different depending on the stage of your customer, initially, this could mean subscribing to your YouTube channel, taking the action to like your Facebook page, or subscribing to your email newsletter, it could also mean purchasing your products and services.

As soon as you have established your desire, you should proceed to your call to action immediately. This could be requesting your audience to purchase your products or services, or subscribing to your channel. For example, an actionable button, “Buy Now”, “Learn Now”, “Download Now” etc. or request an action like “Subscribe Now”, “Join Our Community”, “Click the Link Below”

In the world today, the AIDA model is frequently accompanied with good RETENTION strategy.


I’m sure you would agree with me that it’s a lot less expensive to hold a client who has bought an item from you than getting another one. Clients who have bought products or services are substantially more prone to purchase from you more frequently. 

You’ll create a personal and emotional connection with your audience when you re-target or follow up with your audience.


There are different ways to get a customers’ loyalty. Here are a few:

  • Email Marketing:

A Gmail home page

This is the act of sending commercial messages to promote products and services while building relationships with a prospect. It is one of the highest converting tools compared to social media or other content marketing strategies.

Email Marketing is a quick and easy way to reach new potential customers and also keeping the old customers.

  • Exclusive Content: 

This is you putting up great content for your audience to see. Before this, you must know and understand the problems of your audience. You can publish your content on social media or even post it as a podcast, this depends on where your audience lives.

  • YouTube Series

YouTube is an excellent platform for you to publish your content. YouTube is also the second largest search engine; it has an amazing reach on mobile devices.  

You should link your YouTube videos to your social media pages and website. However, if your audience does not live on YouTube, try other platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. 


There are two marketing approaches to get attention online. 

– Content Marketing

– Paid Marketing. 

  • CONTENT MARKETING: This is a form of strategic marketing, focused on giving out highly valuable free content to win the heart of your respective audience to convert them into becoming potential customers. 

Different social media platforms where your contents can be published

The main goal of this is to drive customers into action. 

This on the long run will strengthen personal relationship with your audience and build trust. 

This simply means putting YouTube recordings, composing blog articles, doing a webinar, making resourceful content that serves your audience. 

Additionally, you could curate content using social media advertising.


Different social media platforms where your contents can be published


This is another form of digital advertising, that allow brands target their customers based on previous interactions.

This is a paid form of advertising. It is one of the fastest ways to get brand awareness.

There are two different ways to achieve this;

  • Traditional ads

This is a simple way of creating targeted ads copy using content tools like your website, landing page or other third-party ad publishing strategies like Google ads and social media ads campaign.

For example, you can create an ad copy on your ads campaign dashboard to direct your audience to another destination like your website or landing page.

  • Promoting post or recordings:

    This does not necessarily mean creating campaign ad copy, even though you’ll still need to run social media ads placement. It means boosting a content you’ve already posted on your social platforms organically.

    For example, you can use ads to boost a video you posted organically on your Facebook or YouTube Channel to increase your video audience reach.



When you think online identity, you need to consider creating a website and carving your audience niche. Your website should be a place where people can locate your brand online. 

Your online identity

Your website is your headquarters, it’s where you make and control your story, where you sell your products and services. 

It is a community where you upload a lot of free content to develop your reliable fans. 

In the modern world of today, your online personality should incorporate social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

This is where your potential client can be found. They invest the majority of their energy and time on these available platforms. 


The most ideal approach is to serve your audience by researching and solving the pain problems using your content. Focus on understanding your targeted audience.

Consistency is the most important in your content advertising technique. 

This means posting routinely, even though there are no standard procedures to how frequently you post, whether you choose to post once per week, or twice a week or even once every day, be sure to be consistent so that your audience learns to expect when your content will be published. 

In any case, there is a harmony between Quality and Quantity, it is advised that if you can’t set up quality content, you need to reduce the quantity.


An illustration using magnet to attract people to depict capturing your audience

One of the best ways to increase returning visitors to your site is by developing your email list.  

You can send traffic back to your content (podcasts, social media pages, blog articles, videos to your site, and landing pages) using your email broadcast.

You should use opt in form or sign-up form as lead magnet to grow your audience.

Email advertising is still reliably one of the most elevated converting routes to make a sale. 

These are the three different ways to developing your fan base.

Remember, when you grow your fanbase, you have the chance to sell your products and services to your audience. 

This leads us to the two types of selling. 



A buyer and a seller shaking hands after a transaction.


Direct selling in the online world is more like a business page, a business video, a webinar, or training where you sell at the end of a video.

With direct selling, you obtain your prospect contact details. You put a call through or email your prospect to enlighten them about the required information you offer with your product or service.

You can as well arrange a sales meeting and close sales. 

For a situation where you were not able to close a sale at the spot, it is ok to frequently send messages or call your leads to firmly urge them to approve the deal.

In a simple note, a pushy methodology is considered, you center around the product and service you’re selling, the mission is to sell as quickly as possible, make continuous contact until the deal is closed. It is not logical to send an audience to a sales funnel of a product they already have an established knowledge of. You only send your audience to a sales funnel of a product that needs more explanation or cajoling.



Here you advertise your product or services using a non-forceful procedure with the use of refined (less offensive) language. 

This incorporates having a blog article that settles an individual’s need and gives more responses to them if they need to pay.

 An example of this is an email sequence a prospect gets when they sign up to your page.

They interestingly sign up to your email newsletter to get valuable information that interest them. 

Your job is to frequently send them contents that provide solutions to their dying needs. Don’t try to tell them immediately. Focus on building trust.

You can schedule sequential messages delivered weekly or periodically. With this you are giving them the opportunity to get to the final level of your sales funnel, which is the ultimate conversion (sales).


In other article of digital marketing, we will discuss Facebook advertisements, google promotions, and re-targeting. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or allow the push notification, so as to stay updated to our most helpful articles.

An illustration on re-targeting

As we previously discussed about paid marketing, we stated that;

“This is another form of digital advertising, that allow brands target their customers based on previous interactions

This is a paid form of advertising. It is one of the fastest ways to get brand awareness.”

– Driving traffic directly to your products and services

This clearly means driving traffic directly to your website, where you offer what you wish to sell. 

However, you should not direct traffic directly to cold audiences without observing the AIDA model. 

In addition, you can send paid promotions to your cold audience who probably won’t be in the awareness phase of the AIDA model when your product offerings don’t require further product information. 

Your promotions can go to warm audiences who are in the desire phase of your AIDA model. This can be done through Retargeting

(This means you can send advertisements to your audience who have been on your business page, or audiences who have clicked a particular connection in an email of yours, or those who have added your items to their carts however did not proceed to checkout.)

Retargeting is incredibly amazing and has a lot higher conversion rate. 

– Sending traffic to your email opt-in

This is driving your audience to the start of a funnel, for instance,  sending traffic to a landing page with an opt-in form where there is less distraction to join. 

Not necessarily making a purchase but getting a lead that will be warmed up to becoming a customer. 


Digital marketing has obviously been one of  the most embraced form of marketing in recent times, because it is measurable and analytical. You should make the most of it by strategically providing value to your audience other than focusing on making a sale. Always know that every action in this type of marketing is strategic but value giving is the best strategy to conversion.

These are still the best ways to maximize your digital marketing;

  • Content marketing: To build relationship and trust

  • Social media marketing: To use social interactive contents to convert social audiences to becoming a customer

An illustration on social media marketing

  • Unarguably, this is the quickest and most effective way to increase brand awareness, engagements and sales.

We hope we were able to do justice to the topic or better assist you in understanding what digital marketing entails. We’ll be glad to hear from you, please use the comment section to share more ideas, tips and questions.

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